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Those of you who remember Evel Knievel know that he never did anything halfway. He lived everyday of his life 100% full speed ahead. When working with the chemists and technicians to produce the gel that he would eventually call “Natural Choice”, he was no different. Evel never worried about the cost and directed them to pull out all the stops and create a pain relief gel that would work not only for him, but for his millions of fans all around the world as well. These micro-biologists and chemists blended specially selected compounds from nature’s botanical storehouse of miracle ingredients into the most effective and powerful pain relieving gel on earth. To quote Evel Knievel, “My own experience with Natural Choice has convinced me that it’s the most effective topical pain relief gel in the world”.

The revolutionary Natural Choice formula contains:  





MENTHOL used in Natural Choice is a much purer and more concentrated form of menthol than the less expensive, common variety of menthol that is traditionally used in pain relief products.

The crystals in our menthol are of a cooling variety of menthol that is a natural analgesic (a compound with pain-relieving qualities) which simultaneously creates a numbing effect, increases blood flow to the sore tissue and reduces the heat caused by inflammation.


ORGANIC ALOE VERA EXTRACT contains bio-active compounds which include vitamins, minerals, amino acids and anti-oxidants.

The history of aloe vera’s medicinal uses has been traced back thousands of years as a traditional healing plant that is even mentioned in the bible.

The healing properties and miraculous benefits of this gift from nature are well known. Aloe is an extremely complex composite of biologically active substances. In fact, there are seventy-five bio-active components in aloe, including the organic compound “emodin” which relieves pain, and which itself contains 4 additional fatty acids which contain pain relieving components.

This miracle plant also contains several enzymes that are all known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe is essential to the release of the body’s own natural defensive energy. And our secret manufacturing technique guarantees the purest, highest potency and most effective aloe used anywhere.

The properties of Natural Choice processed aloe allow it to penetrate deep into the tissue carrying essential, pain-relieving nutrients that encourage the body’s natural response to pain.







DEAD SEA SALTS from the mineral rich waters of the Dead Sea are famous the world over for their amazing healing powers. They contain sulphur, magnesium, calcium, chloride, sodium, bromide, potassium and other trace elements. In fact, they contain 21 essential minerals, including most importantly, 12 minerals that are not typically found anywhere else on earth except the Dead Sea!






ORGANIC HEMPSEED EXTRACT OIL contains gamma-linoleic acid which has been linked to reducing inflammation. It also helps produce nitric acid in your body which dilates and relaxes your blood vessels increasing circulation.





TEA TREE OIL is one of the “essential oils” that promotes long-term benefits for swollen and injured tissue by increasing circulation, which in turn reduces inflammation, supports healing and lessens muscle pain.






CAMPHOR OIL is another “essential oil” that is obtained from the bark of the cinnamonun camphora tree which is native to Japan. Only trees that are a minimum of 50 years old and older are capable of producing the nutrient rich resin that is harvested and processed to obtain camphor oil.

Camphor oil is a vital ingredient in Natural Choice because it relieves pain and swelling by numbing the nerve endings of the skin.




YERBA MATE comes from the leaf of the holly tree (hex-paraguariensis). It’s use is popular in South American countries such as Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile and others. Even isolated rain forest tribes use Yerba Mate for its rejuvenating health benefits. It is packed full of phyto-chemicals all of which are known to be beneficial for the body.









VITAMIN “E” (alpha-tocopherol acetate) is contained in Natural Choice in significant amounts. It is another of nature’s wonder healers.

Vitamin E’s beneficial effects on the body have been well documented and widely publicized in dozens of studies. They include: accelerating healing of traumatized tissue, reducing the pain and scarring of burns, improving circulation, preventing scar formation, and it even retards cellular aging. It’s also a potent and safe carcinogen inhibitor.

When applied topically, Vitamin E has potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities.







ORGANICA ARNICA is widely known for its healing properties. It helps bruises to heal more quickly, soothes inflammation, eases muscle pain and even alleviates stiffness caused by arthritis or joint injuries. It’s often used by athletes to help repair joint or muscle damage and inflammation caused by sports injuries.








MSM POWDER (methyl-sulfonylmethane) is a unique, organic sulphur found in plants, animals and humans. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can decrease joint pain. It speeds recovery after exercise by reducing muscle stress and damage. And it reduces arthritis pain by reducing pain and stiffness.








ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL has long been used by masseuses when giving massages to relieve joint and muscle pain. It also has anti-inflammatory effects, stimulates blood flow to injured or aching areas, and when combined with the Dead Sea salts in Natural Choice, it relieves pain associated with arthritis, aching muscles, sprains and stiff joints. It’s ideal for use by both amateur and professional athletes.

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